SAD # 1: Hunting the Reds

One down, nine more to go. I played with the prompt for this one on Saturday, kind of got a novel idea out of it, but I really didn’t like one of the elements to write more than one story on a “male prostitute”. So I ditched it. I started losing hope for the rest of the challenge. But then it hit me what I needed to do.

The prompt I selected gave me four elements: character, item, setting, and theme. I kept the theme. (innocence) It might not count for a generated prompt story, but every third story can be a non-prompt inspired story. I may have to count this one in that category.

What did I write about, you ask? Well, it’s fantasy. And the biggest innocence reference in fantasy is unicorns. So I wrote a story about an evil unicorn. He’s Red.


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