I spent my lunch break today analyzing three of the stories I have queued to edit, and I reviewed my submission needs with a realistic estimate of which stories I’ll be able to get into shape by these deadlines.

The Tiger story is first, I need to get the first draft done so I can revise submit it by 3/31 to the triangulation anthology.

Nighthunter’s Bite is next. My original intent was to submit it to writers of the future (3/31 deadline), but now that I’m applying to viable paradise, I want to submit either this story (2nd choice) or my Honor story, which is with JJA right now for the wizard anthology. So this story has priority for revision.

Dragon’s Bard and Lonely Orchard require much more work than I anticipated. Only one of them will get revised this month, and at the moment, I’m leaning toward Orchard. Black Violas isn’t due until 4/15, so after this round of revisions, I’ll post it for crit, and then get to it early april.

At least now I’m organized.


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