February Progress / March Goals

February was a trying month, but also a huge learning experience. Black Violas has been an extension edit, and I’m covering in one long revision what would have taken me several versions as well as multiple critiques to correct. Now I’m seeing this stuff on my own.

February Results:
* Hunter’s Honor – revised and submitted
* Black Violas – revised, revised, revised
* 1 critique
* started VP letter
* story research
* market research

March is going to be insane. I’ve set myself some potentially record setting goals in regard to short story revision, but I think I can do it. Several of the stories are in cleaner versions, except for one, which I need to actually write.  I’m borrowing a method from a writer friend and working on it in small bits–250 words daily–while working on my revisions. The deadlines I have are 2 stories for my VP application (asap), trianguation anthology (3/31 via email), parsec contest (4/15 via postal mail), WotF (3/31 via postal mail). If I need to, I can drop the story for WotF, but I’d hate to waste the quarter if I can get a story in decent shape.

March Goals: (edited for submission changes)
Black Violas: revision (contest entry, will be retitled later) 4/15 deadline
Tiger Princess: draft and revision and submission 3/31 deadline
Nighthunter’s Bite: revision  5/14 deadline (aiming for 4/17 submission)
The Lonely Orchard: revision and submission 3/31 deadline
VP application
Crits — 2

Yes, I’m insane. But it’ll be a good test for deadline handling. I’ve blocked off four 45 minute writing sessions to do while I’m still at work but off the clock. I may take a personal day toward the middle/end of the month if my progress isn’t far enough along. I’m also employing a dual-project goal for my evening writing to see if it helps my brain by swapping projects when exhaustion starts setting in.

I wanted to try waking up an hour early and writing then, but I already get up at 5am for work. So, I’ll try it for a few days and see how it goes. At this point, I just want to get through all this madness. 🙂


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