Writing writing writing

Progress has been slow, writing time is not abundant, but I’m finding it in little bits and pieces.  That’s the hazard of weekend writing, but we’re back in the week so I should have a better chance of getting time in.

Goals for my week – I intend to get a lot of things done.

Black Violas – two nights of computer time to bring these edits/rewrites into existance (Monday and Tuesday); then I can send it off to my readers.

Nighthunter’s Bite – revision again, probably Wednesday and Thursday.

Two crits, one on Monday, one on Wednesday.

And, if this goes well, I can jump back into Tiger Princess by the weekend.

So we’ll see. My eyes might be overestimating what I have time for this week, but I’m willing to give it a shot. Hopefully, the muse will be along for the ride.


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