my eyes are bigger than my muse

Six days into the month and I’m already overwhelmed.  I need to scale back the “new projects” and get back to my original intentions for December, which is project clean-up and completion of my 2009 goals.  The edits and short story drafts will remina; the HTTS transcription will remain; but the novel revision will wait until January.  Forgotten Star has been slated for my 2010 novel project for a while now.  The HTRYN class Holly Lisle offered (and I signed up for yeah!!!) got me way overexcited and I jumped on it, thinking I have time to fit everything in.

Right.  What was I thinking?

So the worst case scenario is that I ‘start’ the class 4 weeks late.  Chances are there will be a lesson or two that won’t take all week to complete, so I’ll catch up at some point.  And if I don’t, what consequence is there? I won’t be the first person to complete the class? Hmmm.  No, that won’t kill me, or the novel.  It can wait 3 more weeks.

I’ve grown up in the age of instant gratification.  I seize opportunities.  Sometimes they do need to be seized, but held onto for just a little while before indulging. 🙂


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