The posting silence means Family took over this weekend, and I had neither the energy nor will to write, but I read. I’ve been reading Think Sideways lessons, and I’ve been reading Game of Thrones.

And I’ve been thinking about my outline, trying to fit my bad guy in, but I realize too that I know who my bad guy was up until the point he committed this particular crime, and he’s angry now, losing control, but who is he when he isn’t this criminal? And yes, this is important because he and his victim know each other. Poor Audrey can’t look at this guys and say it’s him because he looks and acts like a criminal. What fun would that be to read? Besides, even criminals have their own lives and schedules and likes and dislikes. It’s not like they live for each moment they commit these crimes. They grocery shop. They go to the mall. They read the newspaper while sipping their coffee. Ooooh.. and there it is. Thanks for the help. 😉


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