Working Through It

I pulled several prompts so some ideas could simmer on the back burner, and guess what? I still got stuck. I know, I’m doing a lot right now between fighting the exhaustion still, training a temp, and dealing with the terrible twos. Regardless, the writing is still there. The stuck wasn’t laziness, it was in indication something was wrong.

So I decided to let the idea-in-progress sit on the back burner and I’d proceed with another idea for now. I went with a premise I came up with on my own and was pretty charged up about it on the way home from work. I narrated parts of the story to msyelf on the drive, and it’s the one I want to write next. Then as I’m driving home, trying to remember the bits of dialogue I entertained my steering wheel with, I realized what was wrong with the other story idea.

I had actually combined two of the prompts I pulled and deep down, I think my brain knew that and was struggling to seperate them. Well, forget that. Now that I know what I did, I like it! And I’m going to work with it more as soon as I’m done my current piece. I wrote about 400 words this evening, and can probably finish it off tomorrow.

If only I could have two more hours in my day. Oh, well.


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