Status 6/24

I’ve been rereading Forgotten Star and updating my outline to reflect changes in the last draft. I had forgotten (haha) some events that were included in this novel, so this was a good time to go through the entire draft. I’m shocked at how horrible some of this stuff is written (a testament to my improvement over the years), but the foreshadowing and hinting is done right.

The new scenes are going well. It’s difficult to start in with the main character back in her days of innocence and ignorance, but I made the jump and it’s going well. I’m almost done with the third new chapter (C) — still need 2 more scenes –and should be able to start the fourth (D) soon.

I wanted to start the edit early, but I’m just not quite ready for it. I’m having one issue with the magic system’s naming system (of skills/abilities), so I’m planning a brainstorming session for when the read-through is finished.

The critting is continuing, and I think it has sharpened my analyzing skills.

So far, it’s been a good month of writing and I’m dangerously close to meeting my goals, desprite baby’s teething these past few weeks. 🙂


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