New Novel Project: Winter Warrior

Winter Warrior is my new novel project. Yes, I decided. No, I couldn’t resist. Yes, I know I haven’t finished Shadow of Blood. No, I’m not giving up on it. I’m committing myself to worldbuilding and outlining the new novel, probably for July. In the meantime, when ideas pertaining to this world come to me, I’ll record them. I don’t know when the writing will start, but I typically worldbuild for several months before I begin writing a first draft.

Writing isn’t just inspriation: it’s blood, sweat, tears, lots of printer toner and paper, lots of daydreaming and research, oodles of doubt and self pity, and forcing yourself to continue the story because once upon a time you saw hope in it. When Inspiration is gifted my way, I am compelled to receive it graciously.


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