I feel like a kid in Toys R Us right now that ditched her mom to play in the plastic clubhouse. I’ve started editing The Crossing and am pleased to say that it is indeed a short story in completion, it merely requires editing; however the glee I’m barely containing here is that these two characters have leapt to life in my mind and are demanding a novel from me.

I wasn’t planning on writing another novel until I either edited Forgotten Star or completed the first draft of Shadow of Blood. Shadow needs a lot of work, including some more worldbuilding before I move into the next part. This new project, I’ll call it Armina’s Tale until I work up a better title, will require worldbuilding and outlining, which is actually much easier than picking up the pieces of an old project. Furthermore, I have 4 short stories to edit and edit again before I start submitting them, and that’s by the end of the year. I had one story making the rounds, but I decided to cut it apart, and it’s still awaiting my attention as well.

For the moment, I’m going to jot down notes and ideas that come to me and stick to the plan for June. I’ll have to decide within the next week or so what I want to do, just so I have a game plan. I’m all right with it changing, I just need to quiet down the plotting that’s afire in my head. It wants center stage, and I need to let it know when that will come.


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