Short Story: Imminence

This story has an interesting history in its planning. I used both a generated prompt and a challenge issued by my father-in-law in “Clue” style. His challenge was: “Nancy” and “Nanites” in “the conference room”. Two years later, I made it work. The title Imminence is only temporary. This story needs a major rewrite. It’s science fiction because of the nanites and their role, and I rarely write SF anymore. Mostly I don’t write science fiction because I love fantasy more, and I’m afraid of writing Star Trek / Star Wars stories. I did like writing SF this time though, it was a pleasant change.

This story was the tenth in my challenge, and I’ve met my goal. This is also the most short stories I’ve ever written in a calendar year (yes I keep track, that shouldn’t surprise you). So it’s a double goal.

All I need now is to get these edited and out the door.


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