Short Story: Treischan Strength

Treischan Strength, written over lunch today, came from a prompt for the monthly challenge. I had an immediate image of a story, and pitched it out right away as cliche. Then I had another idea, and that too was cliche, so it was a goner. Then I decided on something I’ve never done before: I wrote from the point of view of a creature that was not humanoid in any sense.


Spring arrived and wakened the Treischans; limbs stiff from more than a winter slumber plagued Shasss and fear rippled from his aching roots, up his cracked trunk, to the weak limbs he could barely hold overhead. His leaves had not returned, none of the Treischans would leaf this early in the season, but Shasss knew his would come last, if at all. It was time to talk to his sons.


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