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revision crazy

Well, I’m still on schedule for my 10 short stories this month; SAD #2 is in progress and so long as I hit it before the 9th, I’m still on schedule. Revisions on the other hand, are running rampant thanks to the upcoming Sword & Sorceress deadline. I was going to submit my Nighthunter story, but I realized I had a story that was much better suited:Hunting the Reds. Yes, that’s the story I wrote on Monday. Granted it’s short and mostly in really good shape plotwise and characterwise… but still. 🙂 I have to try. So I’ve giten it two passes, and there is one more thing I’m considering changing about it, but I’m not entirely sure at this moment. I’ll take today to think about it. Maybe outline the ending in its current version vs the possible version.

And I still also have to finish Nighthunter revisions. Which is fine. I have 2 – 5 days in which Ms. Waters will review my story and either accept (hopefully!) or reject it and then I can submit Nighthunter for a second chance if needed. We’ll play that one as it goes, but I’m really thinking Hunting the Red would fit their publication perfectly. I just have to hope she thinks so too.

nighthunter’s bite in progress again

I’m liking the new title Etherea in her Veins but on the lookout in case anything more interesting comes jogging by. I’m rewriting the story from memory, guided by my edit list, things I need to keep in mind when writing this. It’s interesting this way; there’s no writing pressure to rushrushtypetype and I’m a lot more relaxed about it. I’ve already written it, so I know my setting and I’m intimate with my characters. Rather than go line by line from the old version, I am writing it how I love it. To be honest, I also need to do it this way so I can work on it a little over the weekend. I’m visiting my sister out of state and taking my daughter to play with the cousins. It’ll be crazy, but thanks to my laptop and its 9 cell battery, I don’t have to worry about plugging in anywhere.

Deadlines though; I’m submitting this one to Sword & Sorceress and we’re already a week into the submission period. I don’t want to wait for the last week to submit it. I need to give this story a fighting chance. My only concern is that they want strong female characters, and in every story I’ve read in S&SXXV, the women start out in positions of power, or at least respectable positions. Mine starts a slave and comes into her own. Hopefully, they’ll like it. If not, we’ll see who else will.