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2008 Accomplishments / 2009 Goals

2008 In Summary

Consistency was my goal, and for a while, I did well. Life jumped aboard and broke that down, but Life required my attention and I could not divide myself between these responsibilities.


* 3 Stories Edited (multiple times)

* 4 Stories Written

* 1 New Short Story Submission

* 5 Short Story Submissions

* 6 Novels Read

* 4 Critiques Completed

2009 Goals

My 2009 goal will be Balance. With an infant and a two and a half year old, and dealing with recovery from surgery, I’ve got my hands full. I’ve got two writing classes in progress, and a few short stories in the editing-for-submission phase. I need to clean this up, reorganize, and move forward. My January goal is to get myself and my family on a schedule to allow myself some writing time. Any writing time. February through April will be to solidify that and get some editing done, with at least one new submission. May will be devoted to the Story A Day challenge. June through December will bring a return to editing and hopefully one more new submission.

2009 Goals In Summary:

* 2 New Short Story Submissions

* 5 Short Stories Edited

* 5 Short Stories Written

* 2 Writing Courses Completed (Adv Fiction / Think Sideways)

* Novel Reading – 6

* Crits – 6 to 12

Here’s to Balance. May she play nicely with my Muse.


Celebrating 10 Years of Me

The 28th of this month marks the ten year anniversary of my adulthood. I’m not talking about legal adulthood, I’m referring to the day I left home. I left my family, left the city I’d grown up in, and moved to a strange new place where I had to fend for myself. Sure, I had people to fall back on, and I did rely on them, but this is when I truly became an adult. Let me tell you of the things I learned.

  • Proper finance handling
  • Car buying (and lemon trading)
  • Moving cross country
  • Job hunting and keeping
  • Marriage, and what it really means to have another half
  • Motherhood (one beautiful daughter, and a little boy on the way)
  • the meaning of Time
  • the importance of being me and enjoying my own activities

That last one hit me as soon as I moved out. I went from living in a house with three other siblings, two parents, a grandparent, a dog and two cats to occupying a one bedroom apartment by myself, in a town where I knew no one. I couldn’t afford cable tv, and really, this is when I learned not only that I loved writing, but that I was good at it, and the dream came alive for me. Ten years ago, I decided I wanted to be a writer. Seriously.

In that time, I’ve researched and taken classes, and read everything I could get my hands on. The results? Take a look below.


  • 3 Completed (1 of which has been edited a few times)
  • 2 in progress
  • 7 in various stages of worldbuilding and outlining
  • 35 viable ideas (with at least 1 paragraph of notes) in 5 genres

Short Stories

  • 1 published
  • 1 in submissions
  • 31 complete (2 are intended for novel conversion)
  • 6 shelved (they were learning experiences and need to die)
  • 25 awaiting edit (Yes, that’s 25 worth spending time to fix!)
  • 10 started but not completed (a project for 2009)
  • 3 in progress


  • 2 published
  • 10 ideas (being researched or in outline form)

So you see, I’ve had a busy ten years. I’ve learned much, and am continually learning. I’ve surrounded myself with positive people, and learned how and when to laugh at myself. That lesson I learned from my husband.

Tell me – either here or in your own blog – what have you accomplished? Celebrate yourself.