Writing News

Finally, something worth writing about…

Fireside Fiction published the flash story I wrote in honor of Carrie Fisher. You can read “Feeding Mr. Whiskershere. Don’t forget your light saber.

My story “Seeding Tradition” did well in the Writers of the Future contest. I was a semi finalist for the third quarter of 2017.  The announcement is here. This one started with a writing prompt (thanks JPM) in the Codex Halloween contest many years ago. All it needs now is a home.

In the meantime, I’m still deep in the writing trenches working on my next Writers of the Future entry, two novelettes, brainstorming for the next Baen contest, and prep work to restart the novel as soon as those stories make it into submission. There’s always another story to write, always a story to improve. I hope I can share more with you soon.

Happy Reading, Happy Writing, and Be Well.

~ Dawn


2 responses to “Writing News

  1. Congrats! Very much enjoyed the story. Good luck with the rest of your writing.

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