Out With The Old, In With The New (2014/2015)

This blog is about my writing journey. It’s for me as much as it’s for you. It keeps me honest, it keeps me accountable. If I say I’m going to do something, I try like hell to get it done. Writing isn’t my full time gig yet, so I’m not always in control of Life Issues and the affect they have on my writing. (And fortunately, life issues aren’t always bad. They just affect the writing time).

2014 was incredible in that I made 2 professional writing sales, both to Daily Science Fiction. Once upon a time, I could only write flash fiction by accident. I’ve been working on it, don’t you know, and at least two editors out there like my work. 🙂

I recorded my general stats, which I’ll add below. The big thing for me was that while I didn’t accomplish as many revisions (my to-revise pile is currently frighteningly high), the ones I did revise fared so much better. Am I spending more time revising? Am I revising better? I’m not sure yet. Maybe the first drafts were in better shape than others. I’m not spending too much time worrying about the how and why. I have newly written stories that need revising, and I’m going to work as hard as I can and make them the best I can. Hopefully, you’ll get to read them soon (preferably in a published zine or anthology).

2014 Results:

  • New Short Stories: 26
  • New Novellas: 1
  • Short Story Edits: 22
  • New Submissions: 6
  • Total Submissions: 87
  • Rejections: 87
  • Acceptances and Publications: 2
  • Critiques Given: 14 (including 2 novel and 4 novellas)
  • Books Read: 14

2015 Plans

I’m gearing up toward working on longer projects, my novella series for one, and completing a novel I started a few yerars ago but never finished. I’m sticking with the short stories, of course, they’re too much fun not to write. I’m trying to get into some online classes and workshops. There are areas in which I’d like to improve, but I need some help.

Best of luck to you in your goals and plans for 2015. May it be productive for all of us.


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