September Writing Check-In

Best summer ever. My writing has improved, I made a sale, and my health is improving due to some time sacrifices I’ve made in my writing time. It’s necessary now while the weather is still warm and I can exercise outside, but will balance out in January.  More details on the sale will come when I have a publication date. I’m currently awaiting proofs on my story that’s supposed to come out in October in Bards and Sages Quarterly.

 July Writing Check

  • 1 Story Written
  • 1 Story Revised
  • 3 Critiques
  • 6 Rejections
  • 6 Submissions



August Writing Check

  • 2 New Flash Written
  • 1 Short Story Revised
  • 3 Critiques
  • 5 Rejections + 1 Acceptance
  • 5 Submissions


My summer writing was slow, so much time with the kids, things to do to get ready for school, deal with the car total and replacement, vacation and birthdays, and a new fitness schedule/routine. It’s good – we’re empty shells if we write and ignore the outside world. But it’s back to business in September.


September Goals

 I’m not ready to dive back into the novel yet. I’m having too much fun with short stories, so I’m sticking with that for September.


  • 4 to 5  Short Story Drafts (Flash, most likely)
  • 5 Short Story Revisions (versions 3’s and 4’s, most should be ready to submit when I complete this next pass)
  • Slush (Waylines has opened to submissions again, so send us your best. I can’t wait to read them.)
  • 3 to 4 critiques



Best of luck to you in September. I hope you find your groove.




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