May Writing Update

Best May ever!

So first, I found out via queries that two of my submissions made it into the second round at their markets. I know that doesn’t mean a contract is coming, but it’s a sign of progress. The road to publishing is a long one, so these kinds of things help with the mental battle.

Short stories, ah, my lovelies. I wrote 7 new short stories (some were flash). Probably the best first drafts I’ve done in a while. I have two more that are half done (longer stories, multiple depths of meanings). I also started Holly Lisle’s Flash Fiction Class and have several flash pieces in progress based on the assignment.

May was playtime, but June is back to scheduled writing. The novel needs finishing. A short story needs revision for entry into Writers of the Future. Then there’s critiquing and slushing. And I’m sure one or two of those new stories will get a revision.

And time to get a quick look at my annual stats. June should put me at the halfway mark for most of these, but I’m behind on some.  No worries, I’m thrilled with my progress this year.

2013 Writing

X/Y = x is what I’ve done, y is my goal for the year.

  • Winter Warrior: 5k/54k
  • Short Story Writing: 14/24
  • Short Story Edits:  13/36
  • Short Story Submissions: 28
  • New Submissions: 5/12
  • Crits: 12/48
  • Book Reading: 7/30
  • Rejections:  23
  • Publications: 1 (scheduled for October)
  • Acceptance: 1

4 responses to “May Writing Update

  1. Whoo hoo! That’s a lot of writing, Dawn! Good luck to you 🙂 You definitely are on the right track.

  2. Thanks Teresa! Mostly I was just having fun. 😀

  3. That looks like a pretty productive year so far 🙂 Big congrats on your stories making it to the second round of submissions. *fingers crossed*

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