January Results / February Goals

January Results

January was a bit of an experiment with flash fiction and now slushing for an ezine, and having a house guest for nearly three weeks, but not only did I survive, I flourished. It feels good getting the writing moving again like this.

  • Short Stories Drafts: 6 Flash Fiction
  • Short Story Revisions:  5 Flash Fiction + 1 short story (still in progress)
  • Rejections:  2
  • Submissions:  2 new and 3 resubmissions
  • Critiques: 3
  • Reading: 2 (The Runelords by David Farland, Kitty Goes To Washington by Carrie Vaughn)

February Goals

I wasn’t able to work on the novel in January because I underestimated how much time a contest in my writer’s group required, plus it would have been unfair to my houseguest. That goal is moving out to February and March. It’s increasing my daily wordcount, but that’s manageable if I manage my secondary projects carefully. I do have submission deadlines, and my short story activity will be adjusted to deal with those.


  • Winter Warrior – Read, review outline, resume writing (1125 words daily x 6 days weekly)
  • Short Story Drafts – 2 (for Triangulation contest and anthology)
  • Short Story Revisions – 3 (for the above and the next WOTF deadline)
  • Crits (because I owe people)
  • Blogging when it suits me
  • Reading (continue Chi Running, + 2 novels)

5 responses to “January Results / February Goals

  1. That contest took more time than I expected, as well. I didn’t consider the time it would take to read and comment on the stories. I see you wrote an extra flash.

    Who are you slushing for?

  2. I’m glad to see you’re still reading Carrie Vaughn. I just ordered her new book which I think is out in March. Excellent job with all of the flash fiction. I hope they find a home.

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