Writing: October & November Results, December & Year End Goals

October was without a doubt the most volatile month of my life. I went from the high of attending Viable Paradise, to my father’s death, to the hurricane experience. If it wasn’t for my writing and the venting and rampaging via the written word, I would not have been as strong as I was.

Writing came off schedule for these two months, but my accomplishments are good enough, considering everything.

October Results

  • Short Stories:  3 written, 2 revisions
  • Rejections:  2
  • Resubmissions:  1 (after a revision)
  • Critiques: 5 (via the workshop)
  • Viable Paradise Workshop

November Results

  • Short  Stories:  1 revision (in progress), 1 novella draft (in progress)
  • Reading:
    • Discord’s Apple (Vaughn)
    • Kitty and The Midnight Hour (Vaughn)
    • Trading In Danger (Moon)
    • Critiques: 3
    • Rejections:  2

December Goals & Expectations

I’m picking and choosing what to finish this year. I won’t make all the goals I’d hoped to make, but I’ve also learned the difference between quality work with takes more revision time as opposed to quantity which means stories may not be ready if I rush the revision. With my schedule, that means I’m taking as much as two weeks for the full revision.

Year end for me in 2012 will be getting stories back into submissions, and getting my new short stories revised and critiqued. If I can get them out before 12/31, I will, but not by sacrificing a story’s revision quality to make a number.  The first novella (and yes, this one is just a novella!) needs finishing.

Blogging: my blogging will be minimal this month as I try to tie things up and prepare for 2013. I’ve been wanting to broaden my blog content by writing about cooking/baking, diet/fitness, and the occasional parenting failure lesson. I could write these up into articles and sell them, but I’m just not there time wise. I’d rather just share. More on that next month.

So, these are my December plans. What are you up to in the next few weeks? Are holidays taking over your life or have you promised yourself some quiet time with a good book?


PS Erin Hartshorn hit me up with The Next Big Thing meme. I’ll be responding to that this week.


2 responses to “Writing: October & November Results, December & Year End Goals

  1. So sorry that November was tough, Dawn. My thoughts are with you and your family.

    I have a novella to finish and then I was thinking about taking the rest of the month off. I’ve been working soooo hard all year. I need to have a good think about my goals for next year.

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