How That Voice Can Change

It starts with a voice that resembles the ‘you can’t do this’ whisper, but it’s slightly different. Before, the voice told me the story wasn’t good enough. The story was the best i could do at the time, so it went out into the world. About sixteen mnths later, the voice still says the story isn’t good enough, but it gave me more details. The story isn’t complete; there’s more to this character’s journey. She’s defeated one demonic unicorn who has brothers out there destroying innocence and beauty. She’s the only one who knows. It wasn’t enough to see her defeat the one who consumed her innoncence with his hunger; we need to go with her through the healing process, see what she does while she’s trying to heal.

This story, and four others in a similar situation are being pulled from my submission pool. I have a new folder on my harddrive for short stories that need to be written into novellas/novelettes. I’m not ready to do it now, but I’ve got a lot of learning over the next few months: Worldcon (later today!!!!) and Viable Paradise in just over a month.

I’m glad I’ve recognized what these stories need, and I’m on the brink of being ready to dive into it, but I need to sharpen some tools first.


2 responses to “How That Voice Can Change

  1. I totally identify with this situation. Sometimes I try to write stories that exceed my abilities at a given point in time, and I realize that I have to learn some new tricks/improve overall writing process to attempt the story again.

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