July Results / August Goals

July Results

An insane month, but mostly for good reasons. I feel like I’ve done more, but I can’t seem to find it.  Oh, there were nonwriting goals and challenges – I gave up cola for good and started seriously exercising. I resumed my morning writing sessions this past week via  a carefully layered alarm sequence. (A post for another day). I’m feeling better – the exercise is giving me a boost that I used to get from the caffeine. It was a rough few weeks (including a cold), but I’m getting there. I also started slush reading for a F/SF zine, and am participating in a “450 Crit Swap” on the WOTF forums where we swap the first (you guessed it) 450 words of a story and provide feedback. I like them, but they’re challenging.

  • Winter Warrior (fantasy novel) – 4k words written
  • Novelette: DDR 1st draft in progress (novella) – 4k written
  • Reading: 2 – Sherwood Smith’s Once A Princess and Twice A Prince
  • Rejections:  13
  • Resubmissions: 11
  • Acceptances: 1
  • Minicrits: 2


August Goals

Now that I’ve got a groove going on, I’m going to focus on the novel and the novella. Two writing sessions for the novel at about 800 words each, and then one session for the novella and other writing related tasks. I would really like to finish the novel before Chicon7. It’s my first convention and I’m prepared to be overwhelmed – I just don’t want it to screw over the novel finale.

  • Novel: Winter Warrior (v01) – 1600 daily
  • Novella Draft: DDR
  • Read x2 (Currently: All The Windwracked Stars –E.Bear; So Long And Thanks For All The Fish– D.Adams;)
  • Crits x4 (OWW return crits)

3 responses to “July Results / August Goals

  1. That’s an ambitious convention for your first one!

  2. Great goals writing and otherwise. I kicked soda a few years ago and apart for a few hot summer days don’t ever miss it. I do notice a stronger reaction to coffee and tea now.

    Have fun at your first con!

  3. Way to go on meeting & beating your July W1S1 goals, Dawn!

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