The Wheels Spinneth

And not in a good way. I’m floundering in mud and have no traction. I’ve been making blunders all over the place, and my writing is suffering because I’ve started to fear making stupid mistakes. Not a good way to write.  I just sent out my 199th submission the other day. I knew I’ve been sending a lot of subs out, but this number caught me off guard. I’d already been starting to doubt my short story writing as I haven’t gotten a nibble from WOTF in a long time, but really, that’s just THAT VOICE that I’ve mentioned before, the one I’ve specifically instructed you to ignore. I’m tired and all the negative thoughts are starting to circle with little shark hats on.

I’m going to take a few days and read, get some extra sleep. I’m still going to write, and maybe even crit, that tends to pull me out of this. (It also helps that the hubby gets back from his business trip this evening and I get some help with the kids).

Back in a few days.




  • Chicon 7- 7 weeks
  • Viable Paradise – 12 weeks

3 responses to “The Wheels Spinneth

  1. Chris Bauer

    Sorry to hear you’re hitting a rough patch. Happens to us all from time to time. Take a break, do something different, recharge the creative flux capacitor, beat the ^$%^ out of those little shark hats with a hefty metal object and jump back in the water.
    BTW, totally jealous of your upcoming Chicon visit. I live 20 minutes away in the North burbs but scheduled a trip to Kansas City over that same weekend! Stupid, stupid, stupid…(pounding forehead with left shoe)

    • Metal objects hefted; shark hats sinking into the deep blue.

      Chris, will you be gone the entire time? Chicon offers day rates if you show up for a single day.

  2. Hugs on feeling like you’re spinning your wheels. Hope your hubby’s return has helped your mood.

    (And prompted by your datum, I looked up my own submission tracking numbers. First recorded sub was in February 2004; I’m currently at 495 subs, although there may be a few Vision articles that didn’t get recorded.)

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