June Results / July Goals

June Results

I focused on the novel this month, at least until the 18th when I received my very awesome VP acceptance. I spent some time on short story revision after that, in preparation for the 6/30 WOTF deadline. I’m unhappy with the state of my short stories and due to my indecision on what to revise, I wasted time, something I hate. I usually commit to a story and deal with it regardless of how long it’ll take, but I got wishy-washy, and bounced between three stories, submitting only one.

  • Winter Warrior (fantasy novel) – 14k words written
  • Reading: 2 – Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Adams) + Jumper (Gould)
  • Rejections: 9
  • Resubmissions: 10
  • Critiques: 1
  • Travel Arrangements for VP


July Goals

I have a schedule that’s working and writing that needs to be done. July is going to be awesome. I finally get to work on a science fiction story and make another submission to a particular science fiction market that likes one of my other stories enough that they haven’t yet rejected it. I think they’re waiting to see more from me, so I’m going to follow my instinct here and submit something new and awesome. (there’s that word again!)

  • Novel: Winter Warrior (v01) – 1800w daily
  • Short Story Drafts x1 (DDR)
  • Short Story Rev x2 DDR + TLO rewrite & submission
  • Novella Expansion:  Surrender (this one is pushing it, I think, but I’d like to try to fit it in)
  • Read x2
  • Crits x4

(edited to remove story names)


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