May Results / June Goals

May Results

Based on the past six months, my prior definition of insane is inaccurate. I accept that chaos is the new norm in my life, and I’m promising myself that it will not get in the way of my writing.  Between the work deadlines, the last-minute trip to see my parents, and handling year-end school matters, I had to improvise a lot. I think it worked.

I not only wrote 7k on the novel, but then revised it so I could submit it with my workshop application. Since that was my priority, I didn’t have the time to also write short stories. My improvisation there was to draw the prompts and write outlines. It was a fun and interesting experiment.

  • Winter Warrior (fantasy novel) – 7k words written and revised
  • FM Writers Short Story Workshop – continue providing support to workshop participants
  • FM May Challenge: Story A Day – 12 outlines prepped for writing
  • Reading: 2 novels by Tanya Huff
  • Rejections: 7
  • Resubmissions: 6
  • VP Application written and submitted


June Goals

I’m going to keep it simple for June. I signed up for Camp Nano. I can write fast when I have an outline, and this one is pretty solid. I plan to write 1 to 2k a day in June (with the exception of a few days where family matters take precedence). I do need work on a short story for the WOTF deadline at the end of the month. I have to decide which story that will be, but I’m leaning toward science fiction this time.

  • Winter Warrior (fantasy novel) – continue writing (expect 40-50k)
  • Short Story Revision & Submission
  • Critiques
  • Reading

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