February Results / March Goals

February Results

I skipped out early on February in general, to prepare for our first family vacation. We’ve gone away for weekends before, driving up to Wisoncsin or visiting relatives, but this was The First Family Vacation. I don’t begrudge myself the writing time lost. Time with my family is precious. It’s because of them that I’m happy and confident and driven.

So what did I to in February?

  • Winter Warrior – novel pre-work
  • Short Stories Revised – 1, but this was a big step as it was a resubmission to an anthology that offered to look at it again if I chose to rewrite it.
  • Rejections:  7
  • Submissions: 5 (all resubmissions)
  • Crits: 3
  • Read:  Nothing complete, but 2 in progress, and of course, various short stories



March Goals

March is strategy month, so the focus will not be on short stories as I’d like, but it’s a choice I had to make. I’m starting a new novel, I’m writing a short story workshop to teach on FMWriters, I’m preparing a workshop application that I’d like to get in ASAP, and I’m dealing with complications from vacation and work that result in deplenished writing time. Nevertheless, it will not stop me.


  • Winter Warrior – finish the outline and start the first three chapters
  • Class: Holly Lisle’s How To Write A Series
  • Short Story Drafts: 1 (partially written; just needs completion)
  • Short Story Revisions:  2 (for a 4/15 contest deadline)
  • Crits: 4
  • Read: 1 – 2 (2 already in progress; would like to finish them both)
  • Short Story Workshop – draft/revise


I’ve set myself up for a busy month and it’s already halfway through. If you’ve kept up with me before, you know I’m not afraid of a challenge. Good luck to you this March.

Happy Writing,



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