Busy Writing

Hi All,

It’s been pretty quiet here. I’ve been busy writing and revising, working on some good stuff, I hope. I’ve had a lot of rejections this month, I think all the editors made New Year’s resolutions to return all January subs before the end of the month…

One of those rejections was pretty interesting. It was some serious feedback from the Triangulation anthology with a comment that if I rewrote it, they’d look at it again (no promises, of purchase, of course). Based on their feedback, I’m giving the story a serious workout.  The story is short, under 2k, but this is probably one of the toughest revisions I’ve worked on yet. Still, I’m hopeful. Even if the Triangulation editors choose not to buy it, I’ve moved the story along in a good direction.

I’m working on a new story, too, based in a world I’ve written another short story (a WOTF honorable mention), and am planning to write a novel in as well. It’s a troubled world with lots of potential for manipulation and seeds of dark magic. Strange creatures too, some magical, some not. I’m enjoying it.

I’ve been reading, too.  The blog that caught my eye tonight was Patty Jansen’s, which answered my question about when I should start self publishing. I’ve held back and am watching many of my peers put their work up for sale. My writing is stronger than it ever has been, but I’d like to see it a little stronger before I put myself that far out there.

I’ve also been skimming through sections of the Breakout Novel by Donald Maas and have been asaulted with ideas to revise my novel Shadow of Blood. I’ve got two anthologies going as well, one being Triangulation: Last Contact. Tonight I read David Barr Kirtley’s “Family Tree” from Way of the Wizard. Damn good story, and with an ending I couldn’t predict. I don’t know why I can’t read an anthology straight through. I have six anthologies on my nightstand right now. I suppose I like variety. And a little bit of chaos.

Time to get back to it. (The writing, not the chaos. Oh wait, that’s rather the same isn’t it?)

Happy Writing.

~ Dawn



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