September Results + October Goals

September Results / October Goals

September has been a busy month between work and home
life, but I produced. I have several items I’m currently in the middle, but are
promising. I’m looking forward to October, finishing the current projects and
moving onto new ones.  I made my WOTF submission early, so there wasn’t any end-of-the-month do-or-die chaos. The current story revision is requiring additional scenes, to the point it may not be a short story when I’m done. I’m riding the wave, anxiously looking for the beach I’ll land on, but enjoying the ride in the meantime. The story draft in progress is in the planning phase. It’s going to be a space opera with some rather interesting creatures in a heart wrenching situation. I’d started it for a themed contest, and though the theme appears in a clever manner, I need to cement it down better. These two projects are my main goals for October. I’m aiming for more than these, of course, but I’d really like to see these to completion. Here we go. 🙂


  • Novel: on the back burner until November
  • Short Story Drafts: 1 (+ 1 in progress)
  • Short Story Revisions:4  (+ 1 in progress)
  • Crits: 3 (+ 1 in progress)
  • Reading: 1 (+ 2 in progress)
  • Submissions: 1 for the 9/30 WOTF deadline (success!)
  • Rejections: 8
  • Submissions: 2 new +  8 resubs


  • Short Stories – write 2, revise 5 (1 submission)
  • Crits – 8
  • Read – 2
  • Blogging

7 responses to “September Results + October Goals

  1. Congrats on your W1S1 progress in September! And good luck with your October goals.

  2. Good luck! The space opera sounds neat.

  3. Thanks guys! 😉

  4. Sounds like you’re making good progress, in addition to a busy home/work life! Good job! I’m only slowly getting caught up. Glad you’re doing well.

    • Thanks, Eileen, it’s good to see you around again. 🙂 And if it makes you feel any better? I took the first 9 months off writing after each child, and then when I picked it up again, it all came back. It came back BETTER. So don’t stress. Slow is still writing!

  5. Good work on your W1S1 projects. I liked your previous post about fitness. Very brave to sign up for a 5K run. My family has taken up bicycling. I’m wondering if it would be possible to read and ride an exercise bike at the same time, something to consider for the winter months.

  6. Thanks, Jeff. Did I mention I’m terrified that I’ll be the last runner and the pacer van will be behind me honking its horn? 🙂

    Cycling is awesome. I’ve seen those contraptions to make your outdoor bike an indoor one. I haven’t tried that, but I have read while using the exercise bikes at the gym. Piece of cake!

    good luck with it.

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