Isn’t One Genre Per Story Enough?

FMWriters is traveling the web via the Merry Go Round Blog Tour. Site members have grouped together to write monthly on themed topics and turn the blog tour concept on its head: we’re not the ones touring: you are, as you read one writer’s perspective after another. This is my contribution to the Merry Go Round Tour. Enjoy your ride. ~ Dawn

So what’s the deal with cross-genre fiction? Isn’t enough that we have a dozen genres to write, read or watch on TV? Never. The moment we lose our desire to indulge in other people’s creations, or create our own, we lose what makes us human. So let’s indulge, shall we?

Have you ever read Robert Aspirin’s MythAdventures books? These books were one of the first fantasy books I ever read, and they were pretty damn funny then. Did I know they were cross-genre fictin? Nope, and didn’t care either.

My husband introduced me to Firefly, a science fiction western that only made it through the first season. Despite that, there seems to be a fairly large following for the show. And why not? The characters were fascinating, and the storyline engaging. My theory is that the timing was off on this one. At least the movie wrapped up the loose ends.

Wen Spencer’s Tinker and Wolf Who Rules has also been claimed as cross-genre (fantasy and romance), which is unquestionable. I can’t even describe the books without ruining it for you, save that anything can happen when a writer puts the worldbuilding and character creation together just right.

I’ve even written a few cross-genre pieces.  For I Have Sinned is a futuristic mystery that takes place on a space ship after Earth dies, and TLO  is a blend of fantasy and romance. Both are under revision and due to the tangled nature of genre will probably be rewritten into novellas.

What cross-genre comes down to is the combination of at two genres while following the expectations of those genres. Think about the fiction you’ve read or watched lately. Anything cross into other genres? Anything you wished crossed into other genres? If the answer to that last one is yes, then go write it your way. After all, that’s what fiction is all about.

Happy Writing

~ Dawn

Today’s post was inspired by Forward Motion’s Merry-Go-Round August topic ‘Genre-Bending’. If you want to get to know nearly twenty other writers and read about their ideas on Cross-Genre Fiction, then check out the Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour.   The next Merry Go Round writer is Bonnie. She’ll be posting her take on this same topic on the 5th for your reading pleasure.


5 responses to “Isn’t One Genre Per Story Enough?

  1. Humor’s considered a separate genre? Huh. I’d never considered that — I just thought of humor as part of the voice.

    Let me know if you need another set of eyes on For I Have Sinned. It sounds right up my alley.

  2. I sure will. It’s going to be a rewrite since it’s so old, I figure it’ll be a contest submission early next year. 😉 Thanks Erin.

  3. The first step is to get it rewritten and cleaned up. I’ll judge from there. 🙂

  4. Firefly–Oh yeah. “I aim to misbehave.”

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