July Results / August Goals

 July Results

July was a better month than I’ve had a in while. We were busy, but most of it was happy-busy as opposed to stressful-busy. I’ve got the novel moving again, not just a random scene either. I wish I could have done more with the short stories, but that’s not regret or me bashing myself: I made choices. I really do wish I had more time than I do, but I’m working the home-work-life-writing balance. One of those choices I made was not to partake in all the Clarion challenges. I had projects in progress that were moving along and I didn’t want to break my momentum.



  • Novel: up and running. Probably about 7k put in.
  • Short Story Drafts: 1
  • Short Story Revisions: 2
  • Short Story Submissions: 1 new, + 7 resubmissions
  • Rejections: 7
  • Crits: 1
  • Read: 5
  • Clarion Write A Thon: flopped


August Goals

  • Novel: continue with minimum goal of 400 words, 5x weekly
  • Short Story Writing: 1 new draft
  • Short Story Revising: 2 revisions (possibly 1 to submission ready)
  • Crits: 21+ (OWW Marathon)
  • Blogging: 4 (would like to start a cooking post once a month)
  • Reading: 4 (2 audio, 2 paperbacks)

 The novel is progressing nicely. I’m trying to write on it every day (with weekends being the exception for writing in general). I might be able to finish it this month, which I’d be seriously pleased about. As for the short story writing, I’ve got Conduit (working title) half written, and I’d like to bring it to completion if I can. For the revisions, I’ve got one in the works (leaving it untitled publicly, since ideally the submission would be for Writers of the Future, as the deadline is 9/30 for this next quarter), as well as The Lonely Orchard, which is the story I had a revelation on the other morning. I had received a critique on it last year from a writer/editor and simply didn’t know what to do with. I needed time to sort it out. Sorting done. 😀 Onto the revisions.



7 responses to “July Results / August Goals

  1. Congratulations on your July Joy W1S1 Award! 🙂

    Your goals for August look good. I never thought about having reading goals, although right now I am re-reading GONE WITH THE WIND for a read-a-long.

  2. Thanks, Madeline. I forget to read if I don’t put it on my goals. I’m one of those people that can’t live without lists. I even have my Daily To Do list which includes driving to and from work, and picking up the kids. :O

  3. You’re making some serious progress. Congrats on reaching your July W1S1 goals!

  4. Congratulations on meeting your July W1S1 goals, and nearing the end of the novel!

  5. Dawn, your progress is amazing. I walk the mom-wife-writer-household manager line myself, and it’s really impressive that you’re making such headway. And great to hear that you’re enjoying life!

  6. Thanks Shelley and Grayson. 🙂

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