Week 4: Survival

Week 4 was not about writing, though I did complete a novel critique for a writer friend. I reworked my novel outline based on where the story needs to go and having too many viewpoint characters.  I analyzed a critique I received on Moondust and am saddened to say it needs a lot more work to function properly in its life as a short story. The novel version I can totally see coming to life. I’m reading Ray Bradbury’s book on writing still (just a chapter a night).

My two year old has been pretty sick and I’ve been spending my work time with him, my writing time working, and my sleeping time worrying about everything.

So while I can’t call this week a success, I refuse to call it a failure. I survived, and that’s about all that matters. Next week’s plans? 🙂 Short story revision (for my Triangulation story)  and a chapter on the novel.


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