November Results / December Goals

 November Results

November is always insane for me. I never plan or expect to accomplish too much, that just adds to work/family pressures, and I’d rather enjoy my son’s birthday and party, the vacation, and Thanksgiving. It’s a good opportunity to start my holiday shopping, cards, and decorating. I didn’t get to all of that, of course, but a good chunk, and some writing. My Writing Wishlist went untouched, but I’m pleased with my progress because I honestly made time for my writing, even if I didn’t bring everything to completion.

  • Short Story Revision – HTR (started and stalled due to an issue with the ending I can’t figure out how to solve) and Etherea In Her Veins (my WOTF story that didn’t win, and I resubmitted it to the next market)
  • Short Story Draft – handwriting this one, am two pages in (about 500 words)
  • Article Revision – need just a few more hours on it, but it’s shaping up very nicely
  • Crits – 2
  • Reading – finished “On Writing” and “A Wizard Alone”, started and finished “The Golden Compass” and “Wizard’s Dilemma”. Started two new books, just barely.


December & Year-End Goals

With the holidays and an extended weekend on the East Coast, I’m not going to complete my 2010 goals, but I’m sure as hell going to try. I’ve given up on a few of them, but the novel and the current short stories need to reach completion, so I’m going to focus on them.

  • Short Story “HTR” work out ending, complete the revision and submit
  • Short Story “Surrender” – first draft
  • Novel – Shadow of Blood (YA fantasy) – 40k left. (write 10k weekly)
  • Reading
  • Critiquing

2 responses to “November Results / December Goals

  1. Good luck with your goals. Personally, I can’t work longhand. After less than a page my handwriting becomes atrocious and even I can’t read what I wrote. Plus, I can’t keep up with my thoughts so I try to go faster, and the result is even sloppier handwriting. Computers for me all the way!

    Hope your son’s birthday was fun, and have a good holiday!

  2. Long hand can be soothing for me, I just need to go slow so I *can* read it later.

    🙂 The birthday was awesome, thank you… and best wishes to you. The holidays are upon us!

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