Realms of Fantasy is gone, again…

If it wasn’t bad enough the first time…

This was THE market I wanted to break into. Seriously. The closing of this wonderful magazine is like when Indy was sealed into that tomb of snakes with Marion in Raiders. I understand it’s pretty much the economy, but still.  How much darker and deeper we have to go? *sigh*


2 responses to “Realms of Fantasy is gone, again…

  1. Aww. It’s always sad to see a fiction magazine die.

  2. As much as that stinks, it may not be the depressing economy, but rather the “new” economy: the “E”-conomy. I understand F&SF, Analog, and Asimov’s all have dwindling shares of the readership. And, why not? Free stuff online, and it’s all just as good.

    Hope that doesn’t sound too cynical… I never read Realms, but I am a huge fan of some other print ‘zines. Still, I think it’s pretty clear why they’re hurting; even Baen’s World had to close because no one wants to pay for fiction. I suspect Intergalactic Medicine Show will go the same route, and sooner or later the prints will probably belly-up also as long as Clarkesworld, Strange Horizons, and all the others keep going strong.

    (Ironically, those magazines are sustained by donations.)


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