Don’t take the good writing time, the easy writing time, for granted. Because certain times pop up that make writing difficult. Like when in the same month you discover you have seasonal allergies, and you develop a nasty cold, and you break your toe. I’m struggling for the writing time, doing it in dribs and drabs and mostly on paper at this point, but I’m doing it. Lesson learned? Being 10 minutes late for work is much more preferable to the hours of time I’ve now lost because my body needs sleep to heal. Or the meds drain me.

It’s slowing me down, but I promise you: it’s not stopping me. That submission for writers of the future? It WILL be going out within the next 7 days.


5 responses to “Obstacles

  1. That’s the spirit!

  2. Easy writing has utterly disappeared for me lately, though more by sheer block than actual physical malady. I long for the days when the words commanded to be typed!

    This problem is probably related to a sudden obsession with Close Combat V: Invasion Normandy. I guess that is basically a physical ailment, also.


  3. Aw, hope you are feeling better soon! Glad it’s not stopping you, though, way to forge ahead! Free writing time for me is now… must not waist…

  4. Thanks everyone 🙂 We all have our moment. Just hoping mine can help someone else. 4 more days. EEEP.

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