Learning about myself through critique

I read a novel one of my writting buddies wrote with the intent of critiquing a genre  (young adult) fantasy that I don’t normally read. I was really afraid of committing to a critique when I wasn’t sure I could pull it off. But, better to try and let him know where I failed than to not try at all.

Amazingly — I loved it. Not that I’m posting his critique here mind you. I didn’t realize the depths of YA, and though I suspected one of my novels may be flirting with the line between adult fantasy and young adult fantasy, my buddy’s novel made me realize: Forgotten Star falls quite heavily in the genre. Shadow of Blood will too, if I take out those scenes no living being will ever see because of how awful they are. I thought I was writing dark fantasy when I started it. I was, really. But I’m really not a dark fantasy kind of gal. Not that kind of dark. So here I am with the best two prospects for a novel deal and they’re YA.

Guess this means I need to read a lot more of it. 🙂  What YA do you enjoy that’d you’d recommend? I’m also wondering if YA science fiction is as difficult to write as adult science fiction…


3 responses to “Learning about myself through critique

  1. Just ran across your blog today, and how convenient that I have something to contribute(?)

    I would suggest…
    “Earthseed” by Pamela Sargent (1983)
    Science Fiction: Teenagers raised from birth by a colony ship must grapple with the disillusionments of young adulthood before they can start a colony on a new planet.

    Ignore the consistently bad covers, inside is some good stuff.

  2. Hi David – thanks for stopping in and for the recommendation. Earthseed sounds great.

  3. There’s a lot of interest on the YA front, where adult SF is a much harder sell, so that’s all to the good. Hmm, recommendations. Well, I like Garth Nix. He writes Middle Grade and YA fantasy. Donita K. Paul writes YA fantasy. Of course there’s Tamara Pierce as well.

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