Guess what – I didn’t win the Writers of the Futures contest for quarter 2. Oh well. That story’s in revision.  No soup for me. Next!

2 responses to “Rejection

  1. Just because a story isn’t accepted somewhere doesn’t mean it needs revision. If it gets rejected by every paying market in the English-speaking world, okay, I give you permission to revise. But, if there are still publications that you could send that story to, publications that might conceivably pay you hard currency for your efforts, why waste time revising?

    When I was a telemarketer, my sales manager would always tell me: “When in doubt, send it out!” Sometimes, the product I uncertainly mailed out was returned, and a refund affected. But other times, the sale was accepted, and I got a commission for it.

    Send out that story, turn your attentions to something new, have fun, and learn from your mistakes by carrying them forward.

    Best of luck,


    • Hi Ben,

      Thanks for the encouragement, but it did need work. When I sent it out, it seemed the best I had, but between time and knowing something was off with it but not what exactly, I put it through both of my crit groups. The feedback was terrific, and I have a plan for the story. It’s going to be awesome soon as the revision is done.

      I’m the kind of writer that doesn’t get the whole thing out the first time through. I need time to work through the depth of the story.


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