June Results / July Goals

June Results

 Lots going on, but I did something writing related almost every day. I don’t feel like I have as much to show for my efforts, but they were really divided between multiple projects. I’m taking a different approach for July.

  •  Forgotten Star reformat/print–done
  • Forgotten Star / HTRYN lesson 1 (in prg)
  • Shadow of Blood – 3 writing sessions
  • Crits x6
  • Short Story Revisions: x3
  • Rejections and Resubmissions x3
  • Submissions: 1 (Treischan Strength in subs for reprint publication)


July Goals

  • Shadow of Blood: 1300w daily for JulNoWriMo
  • Short Story Revisions x2 (Hunting the Red & Rise of the Tiger Princess; if time allows I can add more)
  • Crits: 6 (3 on FM, 3 on OWW; aiming for about 2 weekly)


 How’s that for focus? At a rate of 1300 daily, I can finish this novel in a month.


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