Balance and Priorities–and dilemmas.

I have young children, a full time job, pets, and a house that all require different levels of my attention at various points throughout the day. I have a passion for writing which shows in the multitidue of projects I’m involved with, but my ressponsibilities conflict with my writing times. I can’t always get up at 4am for those novel writing sessions.

Current projects including writing one novel, revising another novel, and a short story revision, plus critiquing. I have short stories in queue, so when this short story revision is done, another short story project will takes it’s place.

Someone mentioned their participation in JulNoWriMo, and it would be a good outlook to get my novel in progress complete. I have about 40k remaining. But that means abandoning my novel revision or my short stories for the month. I suppose a month wihtout working on short stories won’t kill me, but I’ve been going strong on those since last September and really learning a lot. I’m enjoying thm. But it all comes down to career goals, doesn’t it?

The stories might help me make my way into novel publication, but the novels are more important for that, aren’t they?

The issue I’m looking at is that I’m resuming my lunch time fitness routine, so I’m losing that writing time. I have the 4am session (for 1 hour) which I’ve been making only once a week lately. I have the after work writing session for an hour which conflicts with errands on the way home, so I only get that 2 – 3 times a week. And evenings, well, they for whatever I can force out of my exhausted mind.

So this “NaNo” option would get me to finish Shadow of Blood and then I can focus on one novel project. Maybe I need one novel and one short story at a time. I don’t want to lose my momentum with Forgotten star (hah, one page revised, that’s freaking awesome momentum!). But I’ve got a few short stories on the verge of being ready for submission, not to mention I joined OWW and have been critting over there too.

I just want it all. 🙂

Something to sleep on, I guess.


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