Lots going on. Last week, despite the sick family and dr/medical issues, I got quite a bit done. I made good progress before most of that hit, so I was able to do minimal writing and mostly keep up with my goals. I think the short story revision took a hit; I’d probably have been done by now. The big thing is that I figured out the voice/distance issue. I think I got it, and the short story is my test. When it’s done, I’ll be posting it for crit. This one will probably go up on OWW as I’ve got two up for crit on FM and one of them hasn’t gotten any response. I’m not sure why…

But onto bigger and better things: the revision for Forgotten Star and the concurrent taking of Holly Lisle’s How to Revise Your Novel is moving again. The first lesson is very slow as I sort it out, but mostly I want to write a big X on the page and say REWRITE because I’ve definitely gained enough distance to say the writing on the page doesn’t match the story in my head. I hope I can bring it there, because the story in my head is aweseome.

And since I’m actually up for my moring writing session, it’s time to get back into Kel.yn’s and Serena’s adventure. They’ve got some issues right now.


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