A Little Something For Me

Jumped into two more short stories last night: Calico Under Cherry Blossom (which is redlined and ready for its first revision) and The Encroaching Hand of Winter (which is redlined, but need something more.)

Since I’ve turned my attention toward the character focus in my last few stories, ‘Hand clearly shows that. She’s got a great background which really comes out in the story. But the setting fell flat, as did presentation of the story’s problem. So everything essentially happens waytoofast. The good news is, this is fixable, and maybe I’ll remember this the next time I’m writing a story. 🙂

And, a little something for me. Decided to pick up the art again, to a lesser degree. I used to draw and sketch but didn’t really progress to far. It was a private thing I didn’t want to share except for a person or two. My parents pressured me quite heavily (I’m sure they thought they were being very helpful), but I was around two people in my very small class at school that were incredibly awesome at art and I did not compare to their skill. Further, they were not very interested in sharing. Granted it was a thirteen year old thing and I’m sure they’re both very nice people today, but it marked me at the time. If that was what an artist was like, I didn’t want to be one. So I did my art classes required for school, but turned to music where I could. I’d still like to pick up piano again, but that’ll have to wait until the kids are older. 🙂 I need time for wrting. In the meantime, my husband and I went through some library books and decided to have a couple of art sessions together. It’ll be fun. I always did enjoy it, and it’ll be awesome to share it with my best friend.

Now, back to the writing. I’ve got characters waiting for me to rescue them from revision limbo.


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