eight days left

Eight days. Technically nine, but I need the ninth day to go to my day job and hit the post office, which also happens to fall on Tax Day. Punishment for waiting until the very last minute I suppose, but I’ve been struggling with this story for months. Every time I think Black Violas is done and in the right direction, I’ve discovered a solid reason that it doesn’t work. For the longest time, I had a whisper in my head that I was forcing the theme. And really, I was on the right track, but the way I was using it was forcing it.

The good news is I’ve finally figured out how to fix it. I let go of “I want” and started at the ending, thinking of how the theme and issue could be resolved together, and figured out what needs to happen to get Meghan there. And what’s even better, I get to keep the cave-in scene I liked, I just need to change what planet it happened on. There’s more to it than that, but that’s enough to keep me going.

The bad news? I’m losing my beloved title. I had been trying so hard to keep the part of the story that gave it its title. It was my visual for the entire thing. Oh well. No sense in destroying a story if the title is going to kill it. 🙂

Eight days.


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