Lonely Orchard is prepped and ready for revisions. Considering a title change. Possibilities are: Her Father’s Orchard, Valla’s Orchard, Valla’s Lonely Orchard, The Magic of Trees. I do like Lonely Orchard, and it has an underlying meaning that she sees the orchard as being lonely without her father, when it’s truly her that’s lonely without him. So maybe it’ll stick.

Running out of time: stepping it up on the Tiger Princess draft. I think the title is going to be Rise of the Tiger Princess.  We’ll see. I finally transcribed all my notes, organized them, and worked out the outline and ending options. I think I know which ending I want to go with, though the creepy one is tempting. I have to see how Vandana develops and see which one is more natural for her.

Oh and it doesn’t help that I’ve found James D. MacDonald’s writing posts on Absolute Write. I’ve been stalking the internet to learn more about the viable paradise instructors, and I’m actualling learning stuff about writing in the process. 🙂  I found a suggestion for an exercise, an idea I briefly considered myself a few weeks ago and dismissed, but am willing to consider it again.  The idea was to type a published short story or novel opening in order to study it. When I was in college, that was exactly how I studied: I typed out important notes and study guides. I learn through typing. There’s just something about it. I thought maybe typing up someone’s short story might give me a better understanding, but I figured it’d take too much time, and I have deadlines right now. But it is a good idea, and I might just do it when I have more time.

In the meantime, it’s write write write. 🙂


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