the magic of trees

Trees keep popping up in my writing, which may be an occupational hazzard for a fantasy writer, except that my trees are always more than just trees. In my published story, “Treischan Strength”, the trees are an age-old race that record history. In Lonely Orchard, the trees are magic, alive, and aware, and communicate through a special song that only those gifted with the talent can hear. I’m also working on a SF story where the dominant species on the planet is a hive-minded race of flowers. And never mind the forest in Nighthunter’s Bite — it’s not exactly alive, but it is mystical.

I know I’ve got enough varies projects going on, but I need to break from my current course and get started analyzing Lonely Orchard. I want to submit it at the end of the month, so I at least need to understand what kind of fixing it requires. It’s old–years and years old– so I’m afraid.

But to imagine what this story could end up being? I’m willing to lose sleep over it. 🙂


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