Think Sideways — worth every penny.  Seriously.

This is probably the third time I’ve read these chapters, and while I thought they were informative on the previous reads, they’re downright perfect now.  I’m discovering what’s wrong with my story.  Several things, and it’s not even the writing; it goes deeper than that.  And unfortunately, I think the theme I was writing the story for no longer applies. 

I’m going to have to play with my options a bit and see where the heart of this story is.  If the theme no longer applies, then I’ll follow what does apply, and give this story the life it deserves.  I have other ideas I can try for the parsec contest.  At the very least, the contest itself led me to the path where I found this story, and that’s no small thing.

Continuing with Think Sideways tonight and tomorrow, will get to the applicable assignments, and then we’ll see what comes of this.

Thank you, Holly Lisle. 🙂


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