I thought I was done with Fading Light, but it wasn’t done with me.

My copy of “Federations” arrived yesterday, and I finally got a chance to start reading it.  The first story “Mazer in Prison” by Orson Scott Card sang to me.  The story was wonderful, and I went to reread it –analytically– and decided I really liked the character’s voice, the way he told his story without telling even though he presented fact.

And I realized I was missing that.  Connor was missing that.  So I went back to Fading Light and dug back into Connor’s problems and how he viewed the world and adjusted a few words here and there to shine a better light on things, and then something huge hit me about the ending.  I totally missed this amazing thing he could do.

And now he’s done it. 

And the story is ready to go.  For real.


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