quiet few days

The writing has been quiet for a few days.  A nasty cold hit too, so I’m glad I finished the Hunter revisions early.  I’m torn now between starting the next revision for Fading Light.  I haven’t received too many crits back (and I hate to be impatient and ask people for crits).  The two crits I received were accurate; I agree with most points made and at this point, I can’t imagine there is too much more to point out.  I’m printing the latest version and the crits I have, and I’ll look at it tomorrow night.  I can at least start marking up the printout and judge how I feel.

I’ve also started market research for Hunter’s Honor and am pleased it fits the criterea for JJA’s Way of the Wizard anthology.   It also fits my favorite fantasy zines, but I’m starting with JJA’s antho.


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