Monday July 20th Daily Progress

I completed the first part of my assignment for lesson 10, but I did not write on the novel, and I could not even keep my eyes open long enough to read a paragraph on the short story. I knew Mondays would be miserable for writing, and that’s why I planned to take them off. Now I’m also fighting the “I used to have time and energy to write” but that was before I had kids. I chose to take my daughter for a bike ride this evening, and while the walk was good for me and we had a wonderful time, it wasn’t good for the writing. And so I have to choose on a daily basis.

My goal of writing 5 days a week might not be as realisitic as I thought with my principle goal of “Balance” in my life. Or, it might simply be I have not written in such a long time, especially on an intensive project like a novel, and I just need a week or two to get back into the swing of things. I also normally do not start novels in the middle of summer. That was brilliant (insert sarcasm here).

The balance thing may help though, as I did my workout over lunch and that extra walk in the evening and I slept better than I have in months… of course my head hit the pillow at 9:30 so I finally slept for almost 8 hours. What a difference. I feel awake, I feel conscious… and just maybe I’ll get to some writing tonight. 🙂


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