July Writing Update / August Goals

Where did July go? There was a good deal of editing, some struggles to write a new story (more on that), a few days on vacation, and a few crazy days at work. I came very close to meeting my goals, and I am satisfied with my progress.

July Results:

  • New Submission: 1/1 (and submitted to a second market by month end)
  • Stories Edited: 2/2 (Sunguard and Treischan Strength, with edits in progress for Orchard, Eve, and the next draft of Sunguard).
  • Stories Written: 0/1 (too many ideas, not enough focus)
  • Adv. Fiction Class: 1/1 Lesson
  • Read: 1/1 Novel (Tinker, by Wen Spencer)
  • Crits: 2/2

August Goals:

  • New Submission: 1 (Sunguard)
  • Story Edits: 2 (Sunguard & one other)
  • Story Writing: 2-3
  • Crits: 2
  • Adv. Fiction Class: 1 Lesson
  • Read: 2 Novels

The short story writing has proven problematic in July because I’ve been in deep edit mode, and the stories I was trying to write, were not truly sincere attempts. I’ve been letting them simmer, which is fine, I like when things simmer, but I never really sat down and gave it my full attention. Once A Thief is actually 2 different stories I have to pry apart, and Stone Forest needs some more focus. However, they’re going to sit on the back burner for August. There are a few anthologies I’d like to try and submit to before the end of the year (October deadline for one, December deadline for another). I’ve got a working title of “Radio Silence” for once, but that will change, and the other is Nighthunter’s Bite, a short I started a few years ago, but lost interest in. I’m going to revamp it with the theme of the anthology in mind, and that seems to be sparking some creativity for me.

As far as editing goes, I’m aiming for Sunguard to be the next submission, so it needs one more good edit (after a few crits). Eve is on my mind, and so is Orchard, but they both need a decent amount of attention. I’ll have to pick one as I get closer.

I’m looking ahead to August, the writing should be fun, but there are time constraints I have to consider. I’m away for the first three days of the month, and then my folks are coming in town for possibly a week or an extended weekend, so I need to make sure I’m using my time right.


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