Short Story: The Crossing

The Crossing is today’s short story, written from the point of view of a boatman who uses magic to steal from his passengers. I wanted to convey some humor in this one, but I’m going to have to wait for some feedback on that. Humor is not my strongpoint in writing. Regardless, this one’s a keeper.

It also seems to me, the more stories I write, the more I like what I’ve written. I think I’ve grown, I think my skills are improved, and I think I need to get moving and edit my shorts!

Blurb from The Crossing

Everdeep Lake was chilled by a grey mist this morning, a mist that was bad for business. A dock hidden by mist lost customers; a boat enveloped by mist would be invisible to waiting passengers and even discourage them to take the day long hike to the bridge south of the dock. Mist was bad, definitely bad, but when Beltair rowed the rectangular boat up to his dock, he smiled at what the mist had obscured from him.


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