Short Story: TLO

This latest prompt caused me some grief. I came up with two story ideas, then had to choose between the two, which needless to say showed its grief in the form of writing confusion. I started my choice of the two on several different occassions, and deleting the garbage every time. I just couldn’t connect with what I wanted to write. I couldn’t even decide on a workign title, something I rarely have trouble creating. Finally, I sat down over lunch today with pen and paper and decided to focus on an outline (why the heck did I try to write without one, anyway?).

Instead of writing an outline, I handwrote the entire story. Eight pages of blaring red ink that I need to type up this evening. The good news: I reconnected with the story. It’s going to need a lot of editing, but I like it.

No blurb this time, you’ll have to wait for the edit. 🙂


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